Help & FAQ

Welcome to Caret

What is Caret?
Is Caret free?
On what platforms is Caret available?
Can I use a tablet as a device?
What if I have an e-book reader?
In which countries is Caret available for download?
What languages are supported?

Setting up Caret

How to install Caret?
How can I register my phone number?
How can I register more than one number?
How can I register a landline phone number?
What is Caller ID and how can I change it?
How can I remove/delete a registered
phone number?
How can I connect my calendar?
How can I connect my address book?
How can I request to see the status of my contacts?
What is the difference between remove and delete a
registered phone number?
How to delete/deactivate my Caret account?

Personalizing Caret

How can I turn on the battery saver and what
are the implications?
How can I sync my settings across devices?
How can I set a new profile picture?
How can I set different profile pictures for each
registered number?
Will others see my profile picture?
How can I set my profile information?
What are Flickr Photos for?
How can I change the "people close to me" range?
How can I re-watch the tour or
see the tooltips again?
Where can I see Caret’s Privacy Statement?
Where can I see Caret’s EULA?
What built-in sensors does Caret use?
What is “prone” and how can I set it?
What are mutual contacts?

How to use Caret

How Caret sets your status?
What statuses can Caret generate?
What are the available automatic statuses?
What automatic statuses will my default group
contacts see?
How can I set my regular Do Not Disturb time?
How can I set my automatic sleeping status option?
How can I set my status automatically?
How can I choose which calendar events
influence my automatic status?
Can I set a different status for my different
registered numbers?
What profile information does Caret
distribute automatically?
What privacy groups are there?
What kind of filters are available?
How can I check my friend's location?
How can I get directions to my friend's
current location?
How can I move a contact between groups?
How can I call someone for free?
What if my friend is not available? How can I set
a 'Remind me when' alert?
How can I take a snapshot of my location for a
landline phone number?
What will be shown about me to my contacts’
phone when I call them?
How can I add a new contact to my address book
through Caret?


Are my friends notified if I move them to
another group?
If I want to see my contacts’ status, do they
need to have my phone number in their phone?
What happens if I want to use Caret while abroad?
Will all my contacts on my phone see my status?
Will all my contacts see my new profile information
when I update my data?
Why is the free Caret Net call unavailable for
my contact?
Will I get a notification about an incoming Caret call
if I closed the application on my phone?
What is that pulsating orange circle doing
next to my friend's profile picture?
What happens if I delete my contact in the
Caret app?
What happens if I move someone to the
Blocked group?
If I uninstall Caret will this delete my contacts?
What is the ‘My Number’ special contact?
Can I call my devices?
I set my contact as a VIP but still don't see
his detailed VIP status info.
How can I reset my regular ‘Do Not Disturb’ time
to show my calendar events as a status instead?
If I register a number that my friends are not aware
of, will this number be shown on my friends' phone?
Can I accept calls while my status is other
than Available?
Can I make international calls with Caret?
Do I lose my group settings if I uninstall/reinstall
the application?
Can I receive calls while my status is on
Do Not Disturb?
Can I use multiple devices (e.g. a phone and a tablet)
at the same time?
What happens if I have a regular DND time setup
and I have a calendar event at the same time?
Which one will be shown on my status?
What location will I see if my contact has
more than one registered number on different devices?
How can I set the language of Caret?


Why don't I see my friends’ status? He/She has my
cell number.
I have an event in my calendar but Caret does not
set my status to ‘Do Not Disturb’ automatically.
I don’t see any of my contacts.